Update Notes

By SDGNelson, 2020-01-17


Official maps using the newer foliage system have all been updated to improve file IO performance. Beforehand each map had many separate files for individual regions. Afterward each map has only a single file combining all of them. This significantly speeds up the "validate game cache" process, downloading updates and downloading workshop maps. For details on upgrading custom maps: Read Docs


  • Added "Only Equipped" filter for cosmetics and skins.
  • "Insane" skins received attachment skins by Debski.
  • Care package boxes crush players underneath them.
  • Dedicated server handles the Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Break request.
  • Console explicitly defaults to UTF-8 encoding, and the UTF-8 code page on Windows. The Windows built-in SimSun font is recommended for Unicode display.
  • Changed doctor skillset and support icons to hearts.


  • Fixed several movement exploits by disabling overlap recovery and reverting move if character passed through anything.
  • Fixed loading levels with duplicate foliage or landscapes.
  • Fixed Winter Pine Tree #01 billboard red tint.
  • Fixed animal ragdoll exception if missing rigidbody.
  • Fixed sentry gun eye draw distance.
  • Fixed silent swimming exploit.
  • Fixed misc issues with missing item animations, and log if missing.
  • Fixed overlapping barricade placed on vehicle.
  • Fixed server exploit advertising different workshop items than downloaded.
  • Fixed case where gun could be dequipped immediately after shooting.
  • Fixed problems with quest rewards that granted multiple items.
  • Fixed unable to use skycrane hook and blimp in multiplayer.
  • Fixed prematurely unmuting the loading screen in a few cases.
  • Fixed delay updating lighting when Use_Skybox_Ambience is enabled.
  • Fixed sun and moon atmospheric fog color during rain and snow.
  • Fixed emissive flags on many materials.


  • Added "-LogAssemblyResolve" command-line flag.
  • Log animal and object missing animation clips with validate flag.
  • Log context for unsupported resetting of NPC quest condition in multiplayer.

Translation Tools:

  • HUD debug text can be translated in Console.dat
  • Translated EconInfo.json is now loaded from localization's folder.
  • Maps can translate location names e.g. "Oulton's_Isle Castle" in their localization files.
  • Localizations can contain a "Maps" folder with per-map translations e.g. "PEI.dat".
  • Language setup is logged during startup.

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