Unturned Commands - Guides


Updated - 2020-01-12

Command Description Syntax Action
Port Assigns the port of the server Port [Number]
Queue_Size Sets the maximum number of queued connections Queue_Size [Number]
ResetConfig Resets the config.dat file to default ResetConfig
Say Broadcasts a message in the chat Say [Text]/[R]/[G]/[B]
Sync Allows players to share savedata between your servers Sync
Timeout Assigns a maximum ping threshold to the server before a player is kicked Timeout [Number]
Teleport Teleports the first player to the second player or location Teleport [Player]/[Player | Location]
Whitelisted This makes only permitted players allowed to join the server Whitelisted
Weather This starts or stops the current weather cycle Weather [None | Storm | Blizzard]
Vehicle Gives the specified player a vehicle Vehicle [Player]/[VehicleID]
Unpermit Removes the specified player from the list of users allowed to join the server Unpermit [Player]
Unban Removes the specified player from the list of users not allowed to join the server Unban [Player]
Unadmin Removes the specified player from the list of users allowed to use admin commands Unadmin [Player]
Spy Takes a screenshot from the target player's perspective Spy [Player]
Slay Kills the specified player in-game and bans them Slay [Player]
Shutdown Forces the server to saves, disconnects the players and closes the server Shutdown [Delay]
Save Forces the server to save Save
Reputation Gives a player some reputation Reputation [Player]/[Reputation]
PvE Disables player versus player combat in favor of player versus environment PvE
Perspective Assigns the perspective of the server Perspective [First | Third | Both | Vehicle]
Players Shows a list of the current player on the server Players
Permits Shows a list of the current players allowed to join the server Permits
Permit Adds the specified player to the list of users allowed to join the server Permit [SteamID]/[Username]
Password Assigns the password required for entry to the server Password [Text]
Owner Gives admin rights to the steamid. Must be placed in Commands.dat Owner [SteamID]
Name Assigns the name of the server Name [Text]
Mode Assigns the difficulty of the server Mode [Easy | Normal | Hard]
MaxPlayers Sets the maximum number of players the server is accepting MaxPlayers [Number]
Map Sets the map that the server loads on startup Map [Level]
Log Enables logging Chat/Join/Leave/Death messages. Log [Chat]/[Join/Leave]/[Death]/[Anticheat]
Kill Kills the specified player in-game Kill [Player]
Kick Kicks the specified player from the server Kick [Player]/[Reason]
Give Gives the specified player an item Give [Player]/[ItemID]/[Amount]
Experience Gives a specified player experience Experience [Player]/[Amount]
Night Assigns the current time to night Night
Day Assigns the current time to day Day
Cycle Assigns the length of the day/night cycle in seconds Cycle [Number]
Time Assigns the current time in seconds of the day/night cycle Time [Number]
Cheats Allows your server to access certain commands Cheats [Enable | Disable]
Chatrate Assigns a minimum time between chat messages Chatrate [Number]
Bans Shows a list of the current bans Bans
Ban Bans the specified player Ban [Player]/[Reason]/[Duration]
Admins Shows a list of the current admins Admins
Admin Adds the specified player to the list of users allowed to use admin commands in the chat. Admin [Player]


Updated - 2020-01-14

Command Description Syntax Action
Rocket Reloads Rocket or individual plugins Rocket [Plugins | Reload]
P add Adds/Removes the specified player from a group P [add | remove] [Player] [group]
P reload Reloads the permissions P reload
P Shows the permissions of the specified player P [Player]
Investigate Tells you the player's Steam 64 ID Investigate [Player]
Home Teleports you to your last placed bed Home
Effect Spawns Unturned effect Effect [Effect ID]
Compass Tells you what direction you are facing Compass
V Spawns a vehicle V [Vehicle ID]
Vanish Turns on/off invisibility to other players Vanish


Updated - 2020-01-31

Command Description Syntax Action
Fuelup changeprice Changes the fuel price Fuelup changeprice [Price]
Fuelup Refuels the vehicle Fuelup [Payment Amount]
Checkfuel Checks vehicle's fuel and fuel price Checkfuel
Deletegpslocation Deletes an existing GPS location Deletegpslocation [Name or ID]
Creategpslocation Creates a new GPS location Creategpslocation [Name] [X] [Y] [Z]
Gpscancel Cancels the current route Gpscancel
Gpsinfo Shows locations available to go to Gpsinfo [Page]
Gpsgoto Sets the GPS to go to a certain location Gpsgoto [Name or ID]
Vehiclestoreinfo Shows which vehicle types and positions the current store has Vehiclestoreinfo
Deletevehicleposition Deletes a vehicle position from a store Deletevehicleposition [Vehicle position ID]
Createvehicleposition Creates a spawn position for vehicles for a vehicle store at your current position Createvehicleposition [Store ID]
Deletevehiclestore Deletes the vehicle store at your position Deletevehiclestore
Createvehiclestore radius Creates a vehicle store at the your position and sets it's radius Createvehiclestore [Radius]
Deletevehicletype Removes the vehicle type from the store at your position Deletevehicletype [ID]
Addvehicletype Adds an existing vehicle type to the store at your position Addvehicletype [ID]
Infovehicle Displays information and price Infovehicle
Sellvehicle Sells the vehicle you're currently inside Sellvehicle
Buyvehicle Buys a vehicle with the given ID or name Buyvehicle [ID/Name]
Rcode Removes all used codes & times used Rcode
Mycode Information about the created code Mycode
Topcode Top 3 used codes Topcode
Code Uses the specified code Code [Code]
Ccode amount Creates a code with reward amount Ccode [Code] [Amount]
Ccode Creates a code Ccode [Code]
Balance Shows the inventory value Balance
Robbank Starts the robbery Robbank
Rflag Sets the region for the bank Rflag [regionName]
Pet list Displays all pets available to buy Pet list
Pet despawn Despawns the pet Pet despawn
Pet [Name] Spawns in pet by name Pet [Name]
Pet Spawns in the lastest pet used Pet
Pet toggleui Toggles the information UI Pet toggleui
Pet buy Purchases the specified pet Pet buy [Name]
Pet help Displays help Pet help
Fbsell Sell fish and get money Fbsell
Fbadmin tpport/tpp Teleport to port Fbadmin tpport/tpp
Fbadmin tpspawn/tps Teleport to boat spawn Fbadmin tps [ID]
Fbadmin Removespawn Remove boat spawn Fbadmin Removespawn/Rs [ID]
fbadmin Addspawn Add boat spawn Fbadmin Addspawn
Fbadmin Setport Set port position Fbadmin Setport
Fbadmin depth Check current depth Fbadmin depth
GarageDelete Delete the vehicle from your garage GarageDelete [Vehicle]
GarageRetrieve Retrieves back your vehicle from the garage GarageRetrieve [Vehicle]
GarageList List all the vehicles in your garage GarageList
GarageAdd Adds the vehicle you are looking at to the Garage database GarageAdd [Vehicle]
Sellregion Sell the current region you are in Sellregion [Price] [Name]
Buyregion Buys the region you are currently in Buyregion [Name]
Closereport Removes the report by case ID Closereport [ID]
Reports Shows a list of reports Reports
ReportedProfile Goto reported profile by case ID ReportedProfile [ID]
Report Sumbits a report on specific player Report [Player] [Reason]
Remjail Removes location of the jail Remjail [Name]
Setjail Sets the location for the jail Setjail [Name]
Jails Shows a list of jails Jails
Free Frees a player from jail Free [Player]
Jail Jails a specific player Jail [Player] [Jail] [Seconds]
Handcuff Handcuff a specific player Handcuff [Player]
Salvage Salvage any item and obtain it Salvage
Close Close any doors Close
Open Open anything door-like Open
Inspect Gain access to storage and modify its content Inspect
Ranking Displays your ranking Ranking
Rank Shows the player's rank Rank [Player]
Stats Shows the player's stats Stats [Player]
Robover Ends the rob Robover
Roblast Sends you the last rob details Roblast
Robassist Assist on the current rob Robassist
Rob Starts rob on the player Rob [Player]
Raidover Ends the raid Raidover
Raidlast Sends you the last raid details Raidlast
Raidassist Assist on the current raid Raidassist
Raid Starts a raid at the location Raid [Location]
Arrestover Ends the arrest Arrestover
Arrestlast Sends you the last arrest details Arrestlast
Arrestassist Assist on the current arrest Arrestassist
Arrest Starts arrest on player Arrest [Player] [Reason]
Passport transfer Transfer your passport to a player Passport transfer [Player]
Passport Buy Buys a passport Passport Buy
Passport Gives you the player info Passport [Player]
Viewkit View the content of a kit Viewkit [name]
Migratekits Migrate kits from the Kits plugin Migratekits
Deletekit Delete a kit Deletekit [Name]
Createkit Turn your inventory into a kit Createkit [Name] [Cooldown] [Cost]
Kit Claim a kit for target Kit [name] [target]
Kits See which kits you have access to Kits
Setloadout Sets your inventory as loadout for a team Setloadout
Teammates Show players in your team Teammates
Spawn Spawn in a captured region Spawn
Respawn Respawn in team base or a random captured region Respawn
Forcewin Make the team win the game Forcewin
Forceteam Set team of a player Forceteam
Defaultspawn Set spawn point for players with no team Defaultspawn
Team Select a team Team
Addregionspawn Adds a new region spawn from current position Addregionspawn
Addteamspawn Adds a new team spawn from current position Addteamspawn
Job remove Remove player from a job Job remove
Job Add Add player to a job Job add [Player] [Job]
Jobsadmin clear Clears all players from a certain job Jobsadmin clear [Job]
Jobs Shows jobs you can join Jobs
Jobleave Leaves the current job Jobleave
Job Joins the specified job Job [Name]
Vaultmigrate Migrate all itemvault-vaults to vault with given name Vaultmigrate [Itemvault table] [Default vault name]
Vault Open a specific vault you have access to Vault [Name]
Vaults Shows vaults the player can access Vaults


Updated - 2020-02-01

Command Description Syntax Action
Removecolor Removes your chat color Removecolor
Colorize Changes your chat color to the specified color Colorize [HEX Color]
Kills Displays your total kills Kills
Destroy Destroys a structure or barricade that you are looking at Destroy
Door Toggles the door's state that you are looking at Door
Storage Gives you access to the storage unit you are looking at Storage
Indicator Turns the PVP indicator on/off Indicator
Pvp Displays a player's PVP status Pvp [Player]
Pvp Toggles your own PVP mode on/off. Pvp
Superbroadcast Broadcasts a message Superbroadcast [Message] [Time]
Clearlocks Clear your owned locks Clearlocks [Player(Optional)]
Removehouse Removes the house that you are standing in from the list Removehouse
Evicthouse Evicts the owner of the house that you are standing in Evicthouse
Checkhouse Check the price and owner of the house that you are standing in Checkhouse
Buyhouse Buys the house that you are standing in Buyhouse
Addhouse Adds the house that you are standing in to the list Addhouse
Abandonhouse Abandons the house that you are standing in Abandonhouse
Value Displays the value of a certain item Value [ID or Name]
Balance Displays the cumulative value of all the cash items in the player's inventory Balance
Sell Sells the item that are registered for sale Sell [ID or Name] [Amount]
Buy Buys the item that are registered for sale Buy [ID or Name] [Amount]
Toggleinfinite Toggles infinite mode on the sentry that the player is looking at Toggleinfinite
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