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UnturnedID provides a database with information for the game Unturned. Most of the game's data is collected and processed automatically after each update release which later gets pushed into UnturnedID's database for further usage such as item id's, item stats etc.

The website is not finalized yet, some parts require further development. There will be more features which you can see in the roadmap list. If you have got any suggestions, feel free to contact us!



  • Why does the item have no data?

    The reason why some items have no data is because it may be a solid item, meaning it doesn't have any attributes such as damage or health. Another reason may be that our database still hasn't fetched the information for that specific item which rarely happens.

  • Is there a faster way to copy the item id and give command?

    Yes! On of the faster way is to hover over the item in the list which will show a option icon, click on the icon and a dropbox will pop up with two options: Copy Item ID & Copy Give Command. Another way you can make the proccess faster is to login/connect with steam which will put your steam name in the give command without having to add it manually.



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  • - Live Maps
  • - Theme Switcher
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